PreEmptive Analytics Workbench User Guide

Default Installation Paths

All PreEmptive Analytics Workbench components are installed in a root folder, labeled <Installation Folder> by this guide. By default, it is located at C:\Program Files (x86)\PreEmptive Solutions\PreEmptive Analytics Workbench.

Individual components of the Workbench will be installed in subfolders, as follows:

  • IIS Services: IIS\
    • Endpoint\: The endpoint receives and processes messages for use by the rest of the Workbench
    • Interaction\: The Query Web Service exposes a JSON API for use by the Portal
    • FacJSON\: FacJSON is used by the Portal to save user state
    • Portal\: The Portal is the public facing aspect of the Workbench
      • config\: Deploy user-defined Portal components into this folder
  • Windows Services: Windows\
    • Computation\: The Computation Service receives processed messages and runs analyses
  • Tools: admin\
    • AdminTools.exe: Run administrative / maintenance commands
  • Config: config\
    • OS Mappings\: Configure regular expressions for operating system matches
    • Plugins\: Deploy user-defined plugins into this folder
    • Geoloc\: If installed, Geolocation database goes here

Workbench Version 1.2.0. Copyright © 2016 PreEmptive Solutions, LLC