PreEmptive Analytics Workbench User Guide


BEFORE YOU BEGIN: If you are upgrading from 1.1 to 1.2, please refer to the Upgrading page instead.

Install a Data Hub

You must first install a PreEmptive Analytics Data Hub on the same host on which you will be installing the Workbench. In addition to providing multiple run-time conveniences, the Data Hub will also install and configure certain Workbench prerequisites.

  1. As an administrator, run PreEmptive.Analytics.Data.Hub.exe and follow the prompts in the installer.

  2. After the Data Hub has been successfully installed, make note of the endpoint URL displayed on the last dialog of the installer. This is the URL that upstream hosts (either other Data Hubs or instrumented applications) should use as their destination.

Install the Workbench

  1. Install MongoDB 3.2.10 (x64), or a later release in the 3.2.x series by following these instructions.

  2. Execute Workbench.exe and follow the prompts in the installer.

  3. Follow the link to the Workbench Portal (, as shown in the last dialog of the installer. A dashboard page should appear in the browser, but with all widgets displaying "No Data Available."

    • Note that the Portal is only accessible from the same host; see Remote Access to configure remote access.
  4. Open a browser and navigate to http://localhost:15672/#/queues. Login as guest/guest.

  5. You should see three total queues:

Debugging Installer Issues

If either installer encounters an issue and rolls back, you can try again with logging enabled:

  1. Open a command prompt.

  2. Run the installer with the arguments: /L*V "<logfile name>". For example:

    • PreEmptive.Analytics.Data.Hub.exe /L*V "install_hub_log.txt"
    • Workbench.exe /L*V "install_workbench_log.txt"
  3. Check the log file for errors and contact support if necessary.

Configure the Data Hub

In order for data to be delivered from an application to the Data Hub endpoint, then through to the Workbench, you must configure the Data Hub to send all messages to the Workbench:

  1. Using a text editor, open DispatchService\Dispatch.config in the Data Hub installation folder.

  2. Within the <destinations> element, create a new element, and save:

     <destination id="Workbench" url="">
  3. Open services.msc (Windows Services) and restart the PreEmptive Analytics Data Hub Dispatch Service.

  4. Open a browser and navigate to http://localhost:15672/#/queues. Login as guest/guest.

  5. After approximately one minute, you should see five total queues:

    • pahub.endpoint
    • pahub.workbench_errored
    • pahub.workbench_offline
    • workbench-endpoint
    • workbench-error

Final State

After the Data Hub and Workbench are both installed and configured (with default values), the system should be configured as shown here:

Default Configuration Diagram

You might not have the Standalone Repository installed on the same host; it is shown here for reference purposes.

Workbench Version 1.2.0. Copyright © 2016 PreEmptive Solutions, LLC